Addiction Free Ghana Project

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Failure to prevent its escalation to further heights may result in the destruction of human resources, retardation of social development, and destabilization of the economic and political system of the countries concerned not to mention personal and family tragedies. According to the 2007 world drug report by the UN office on drugs and crime, 21.5% of Ghanaian, aged from 15 to 64, smoked marijuana or used another cannabis product in 2006, The reports continues that Ghanaians use marijuana more than five times the world average, which as a result, has made Ghana the leader of African countries and Third in the world in cannabis or marijuana behind Papua New Guinea and Micronesia with 29% each. It is very disheartening to us and all concerned that, as Ghana readily climbs the ladder of development, an increasing number of our youth, supposedly the spine of our growth are taking to drugs, which ruins their lives and drug the nation progress. The most disturbing aspect of this problem is how drug abuse damages our youth and the threat this poses for the future of our country. Young users suffer more illnesses, miss more days of school and are more prone to engage in criminal conduct. Care Today-Ghana seeks to arm young people with the truth about drugs – Education plays a vital role in preventing drug abuse, but how to talk to young people about drugs – and know they will listen – is the challenge facing educators. Care today Ghana provides tools that hold attention of young people, debunking common myths and empowering them to resist peer pressure to use drugs. We offer the cold, hard, unvarnished facts about drugs – a lesson young and old alike never forget, a lesson that allows them to make their own informed decision to stay off drugs for good. And that’s a decision to last a lifetime. The booklets are designed to seize the interest and hold anyone’s attention. They are accurate, up-to-date and clearly presented, and yet easy to use and flexible enough to fit into an already busy schedule. Additionally, our truth about drugs campaign consist of activities that they can join which popularize drug –free living. These activities are simple, effective and can involve people of all ages. As an organization, we know we need to reach the youth before the dealers do. Drug-free Ghana project will represent an enormous stride towards raising a generation who will remain free from the ravages of drug abuse. Much of what the youth hear about drugs actually comes from those selling them; this project will provide information about specific drug threats, risks and protective factors, warning signs of use, helpful tips for parents talking to their children and steps to take if their child is using drugs. this site will deliver science-base facts about how drugs affects the brain and body so that kids will be armed with better information to make healthy decision. Drug-free Pledge Signing